Ask better questions. Get better answers. Then ask them anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Secure, scalable…in the cloud.


ExAM4Business.com: Change the way you understand your organization, re-platform to save money and deliver integrated decision making.


ExAM4Schools.com: Safer schools are better schools. We can help you make better decisions or use our flagship security assessment to find out how secure your school is today.


ExAM4Government.com: Save money, meet compliance requirements, communicate, collaborate, and transform all in the world’s most successful cloud environment.

Unscientific Survey

  • People who like more information 99%
  • People who like less 1%

ExAM is simple in a good way. Ask questions, get answers. Get answers, make decisions. Its that easy.

Kelly Cole

Business Analyst, MB&A

Its about getting to value. ExAM helps you get down to the business of getting business value faster than anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Rick Smith

Senior Enterprise Architect, MB&A


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